Green Your Business

IGBA helps businesses increase their profitability through smart and innovative practices in sustainability.

Optimize Your Operation


As sustainable innovation in business operations has moved to the forefront of the world’s most successful corporations, IGBA is positioned to assist small businesses in realizing the same benefits as their larger counterparts.

Reduced costs. New and more loyal customers. Improved recruitment and retention of top talent. Assistance in reporting your achievements to customers and regulators. These are just a few of the benefits of incorporating sustainability into everyday business practices.

IGBA helps to achieve these goals through certification, leadership, partnership, and education.

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Your Green Business Baseline


Find out how your business stacks up! Get your Green Business Baseline and get to know the environmental performance of your business. Discover opportunities to reduce your costs while becoming more sustainable.

Included in your Green Business Baseline, you will receive a simplified climate impact report, an analysis of your energy and water consumption trends, customized recommendations and resources for your business, and recognition for your green practices.

The process is simple – a team member will be with you every step of the way. We will ask you some questions about your business and help track down utility data to complete the climate impact report. Then, we will walk you through the results and help identify which solutions will best help your business reduce costs and climate impact.


The Illinois Green Business Association is at the forefront of green business certification nationally, working closely with green business programs across the country. Ranked the second most-trustworthy green certification program in the nation by, IGBA works one-on-one with businesses to determine its best green practice opportunities, and then helps the business to achieve its goals.

IGBA’s certification program, through standards, metrics, and trackable progress supports companies of all sizes and sectors. Our 3-step process is key to helping companies easily incorporate new green measures, connect to state and local resources, and take the stress out of sustainability.

The first step is to assess performance to see which measures you may have already completed. The next step is to implement the action plan created by your green business coordinator. And the third and last step is to confirm your progress and get recognition for your efforts.

Once all measures are completed and confirmed, your business will be officially certified. You will receive a certificate and decal denoting your accomplishments and accreditation. You will also receive a marketing toolkit to help you tell your story via local and social media platforms. Additionally, you will be able to publicly display your certified status on the Illinois Green Business Program webpage.