About IGBA

The Illinois Green Business Association helps small businesses increase their profitability through smart and innovative sustainability practices.

As sustainable innovation in business operations has moved to the forefront of the world’s most successful businesses, the Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA) is positioned to assist businesses in realizing the same benefits as their larger counterparts. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, IGBA is committed to leveraging its resources to assist small businesses in reaching their sustainability goals, while creating a greener economy.

Mission and Vision


The Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps businesses integrate green practices through education and engagement, causing a business to find profitability in sustainability.

Our vision is that a sustainable business culture is the standard practice of economic activity. Companies, communities, and consumers will thrive through healthy, mutually beneficial relationships that are diverse, resilient, and balanced.

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History of IGBA


The Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA) originally started as a student organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign YMCA. In 2007, four environmentally aware students founded C.O.R.E.—Community Organized Recycling Efforts—focusing on improving access to recycling services for multi-family housing units in Champaign. Through powerful engagement initiatives and relationship-building across the state and nation, this student initiative quickly evolved into a small- to-medium-sized business green business education and certification program for the State of Illinois and was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2008.

Staff and Board Members


Don Schlorff


Mike Royse

Vice President

Rebecca McBride

Board Member

Cassie Carroll


Anthony Santarelli



The Illinois Green Business Association facilitates relationships among green business leaders, universities, governmental organizations, and nonprofits across the nation to share best practices and advance the national effort towards sustainability. IGBA also elevates awareness of your company’s accomplishments around sustainability, providing independent third-party credibility to your sustainability story.

We work to bridge the gap by administering programs that bring businesses and local government to the table to collaborate on sustainable solutions. These interactions can inform local governments on the challenges businesses face as well as educating businesses on the larger goals for the community. Contact us to learn how we can support your community and sustainability efforts.

IGBA formerly served as a program implementer for various energy efficiency rebate programs offered by Illinois utility companies by connecting small businesses to rebate opportunities to achieve energy cost savings. In addition to furthering our mission to help businesses incorporate greener practices, this work grew fruitful relationships with partners from the energy efficiency and green economy sectors. Through administering these programs, IGBA was able to work at the intersection of utility companies, contractors, suppliers, chambers of commerce, and media outlets with the result of increasing energy efficiency in Illinois and even more businesses saving money on their energy and water bills.

Our Partners


Partnerships are essential to the success of the IGBA and its programs. By working together, we can unlock more opportunities for businesses to go green.

IGBA has partnered with SEDAC to run the Illinois Green Business Program and provide businesses with high quality technical assistance and assessments that drive environmental and economic savings. We also collaborate with SEDAC to grow green business initiatives nationally, developing metrics and data collection systems that benefit program coordinators and businesses alike. SEDAC is an applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a public private partnership with 360 Energy Group in Chicago.

IGBA and SEDAC are collaborating with Cook County’s Businesses Reducing Impact on The Environment (BRITE) Program to develop sector checklists and metrics and assist with overall program design to help businesses reduce pollution and waste in Cook County. The free program helps businesses reduce their environmental impact, create a healthier environment for their employees, customers, and community by offering on-site assessments to reduce pollution.

IGBA maintains the Illinois license for GreenBizTracker, a web-based platform designed to facilitate the operation of Green Business certification programs with robust reporting capabilities. Run by Environmental Innovations and the California Green Business Network, this easy-to-use framework provides the tools needed to help businesses adopt environmentally preferable practices and contribute towards their overall sustainability goals. Using GreenBizTracker helps increase efficiency in program operation, transparency in environmental actions, and enables all businesses in Illinois to identify practices that can help them reduce environmental and economic impact.

In partnership with greenUP! in Reno, Nevada, IGBA leads the Green Business Engagement National Network (GBENN), a consortium of unique local, state-wide, and national green business programs from across the United States. Our mission is to facilitate sharing and relationship-building among green and/or sustainable business engagement programs across the U.S. to advance the national interests of such locally focused approaches and spread effective practices. Leading this network provides IGBA the opportunity to bring the best programs and sustainability strategies to Illinois and offer an opportunity for Illinois businesses to contribute to national small business sustainability impacts.

IGBA and SEDAC have partnered with the Village of Oak Park to offer our Green Business Baseline program to businesses across the Village. With a pilot program serving 20 businesses, we look forward to creating a sustainable and attainable green business program that aligns with the Village’s Climate Ready Oak Park plan.

IGBA and SEDAC are collaborating with Takeout 25, an organization formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to boost the takeout economy in the region to help maintain a thriving local restaurant economy. With a focus on sustainability, we are collaborating to create Illinois’ first green dining district in the region, with a hope that other communities across Illinois will follow our lead.

The Chicago Sustainability Task Force (CSTF) is a group of large facility operators, event organizers, and their stakeholders taking action to improve operational sustainability and environmental awareness in Chicago. The group’s mission has two main pillars: improve Chicago’s image and environmental initiatives and identify tactics for near-term successes and develop a consistent strategy for broader, long-term achievement. IGBA is collaborating with CSTF to accelerate the group’s mission and serve as a fiscal agent for their activities.